Abbie’s Rival by Tracey Morait

Abbie’s Rival by new author Tracey Morait tells the story of Abbie Palmer, a British teenager who is excited when she receives an e-mail from her beautiful French ‘e-mate’ Colette telling her she wants to visit in the summer holidays. When Abbie realises Colette will find out she lied about her background, so she tries to put her off by saying she is going away for the summer.

Unfortunately Colette doesn’t get Abbie’s message and turns up unexpectedly and that’s when her problems start. 

This story of friendship, romance, modern family, school and exams – set in Liverpool – was reasonably fast moving with well developed characters. It gives a humourous glimpse into several cultures and circumstances and I enjoyed it throroughly.

Although Abbie’s Rival is aimed at teenage girls, it is the kind of story that would resonate with most females. Definitely well worth a read, I highly suggest giving it a go!


Katy Hunter Bristow

Buy Abbie’s Rival Here


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